Friday, February 27, 2015

Visa Renewed, Half-Term Break and Spring's Coming!

Afternoon everyone! I am so excited because I got my visa renewed. Granted, I picked it up a week ago... anyway, as I was waiting at immigration, I was thinking: "Wow. Has it really been three years since I arrived?" In many ways, it feels like a lifetime, and a flash all at once. The process was so simple, but when I dropped off the documents I was missing something! I was going a little crazy because I double and triple checked that I had everything. Turns out it was a document that concerns the company's finances or tax?? So, immigration gave me an envelope and told me to send it in a week. When I mentioned it to my manager, she told me she forgot to mention the paper! Basically, it's confidential and the staff aren't allowed to look at it. Problem solved. And I was in a bit of panic over nothing. Well, I got my visa postcard two weeks later. I left my second trip with a shiny, new three year visa! YAY! So, here's to hoping the next three years are even better than the last!

I am currently on half-term break for my school. During this time I have finally managed to catch up on some much needed household duties. I'm not sure if I mentioned, but I extended my lease for my current house. Another two years in Yokohama it looks like. As much as my commute kind of sucks, I love my place. It has really grown on me. I really need to get some frames for my prints on the wall. I feel like they have gotten a little wavy T_T. My coworker recommended the Loft in Shibuya. They apparently will do custom sizes for a simple frame. I just want something simple. So, hopefully I can do that soon.

Next post I'm thinking of doing a review of some of my current skincare products. We shall see. BUT, today I'm stoked to be going to Kamakura for the first time this year. Aki got the day off and we are meeting up later and will go to dinner at our favorite restaruant!! I'm not sure if I have written about it? I will definitely mention it in my next post! Until next time ^_^



  1. Yay! Glad you are posting again :D And excited your visa is renewed! 3 years is such a long time :o

    1. And thanks for continuing to read!! I'm happy to be getting back into it :D

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  4. LIZZZ!~
    I miss you! So you didn't end up moving to Shirokanedai?
    Yay Kamakura! It's great to see you and Aki are still doing well. I'm almost done over here at TXST. I finally graduate in December and have been looking up ways over getting back to Japan to be with Tatsuya again.
    Love your updates btw. :D

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