Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tokyu Hands Yokohama (New Open), Some Change Soon, and DHC Update

Oh boy... I can't believe I said "New Open," but it now sounds weird to me if I say something like "Renewal Grand Opening," or something. Yikes. So, I love Tokyu Hands. It is one of my favorite stores in Japan. You can buy all sorts of things such as party goods, variety goods, arts and crafts stuff, cellphone accessories, household goods, etc. I'm not quite sure what to compare it to back at home. It's definitely not a Hobby Lobby by any means. Anyway, I was so excited that they were moving the store closer to Yokohama Station. Before it was a good ten minute walk. Now it is located on the 5th-7th floors of the MORE's building. While I love that it is much closer, and think it's neat that they do demos for some crafts, I am SOO SAD. They got rid of a ton of the sections of the store.  The previous store was a massive one, comparable to the one in Shibuya. Now, they have crammed so much stuff into three floors... well. I would take the old location any day. Mainly, because I enjoy putting together miniatures. And there was a particular section called "dollhouse" that sold the type I like. For example, miniature ramen stands, etc. It's gone. The only Tokyu Hands that still seems to sell it is the one in Shibuya. So sad! They also got rid of the majority of their furniture section, as well as their arts and crafts. They still have some, but its like a tiny corner, rather than a whole floor. At least they still sell paint and canvas... Yeah. So, I got all excited about it, to be largely disappointed. Of course, I still shop there, but yeah. Bleh.

I have been a bit stressed of late. I am going to be changing jobs and I am going to be giving my resignation this week. Not excited about that conversation at all. HOWEVER, my new job is in Tokyo! YAY! I will keep living in Yokohama for now, but I am absolutely excited about this job. No more ALT work for me. It's still education, but it isn't ESL. It will really allow me to work on a team, explore my creativity, and do some design work too. It also allows for some career advancement. So yay me! I hope I won't need to change jobs again. I am also going to be able to quit working part-time. I have really enjoyed my part-time work, but it's kind of a drag to go home, change, and go back out to work, even if it is only twice a week.

Oh, an update on the DHC face products I have been using. WOW. I have been using the stuff since late December and my skin has completely changed. For the better. Never turning back. My pores look cleaner, and tighter. The stupidly hideous fine lines on my forehead are nearly non-existent, and my face has almost completely cleared up. I seriously had horrible breakouts all the time. Now, it's just a zit here and there. I have definitely gotten my money's worth.


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