Thursday, December 5, 2013

Long Time No See (Not a Japan-related post btw)

I am so so sorry everyone for what has been nearly a two months' absence. Please forgive me! A huge reason for my absence was NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which I ultimately failed by about 15000 words. I was a bit disappointed, but I did far better than I have ever done before. My lack of motivation is another factor. But, I think I was in a funk where I felt kind of stuck. I didn't feel like I had anything worthy of writing.

It wasn't only writing that I wasn't motivated in, however. It was many things. I spend a lot of time just counting down to the weekend and getting through the week. That's not a good way to think, in my opinion, nor the healthiest. I am trying to motivate myself to spend more time making art, studying Japanese, and improving my health. It's not the easiest for me. I have started off pretty strong with renewing my Japanese studies. I bought some textbooks, a new kanji app (iKanji for those who care. ¥500 and totally worth it), and downloaded corresponding anki cards for my texts. I have gotten to where I study at least an hour a day. I think I will start up some coursework with Kumon again as well (took a break).

The next step on my agenda is diet. I am trying to get back into cooking. Until this weird funk, I was pretty good about cooking every day. So, I am starting to get the pan back out and cook again. I have almost cut sweets out of my diet completely. I am super proud of that. It is so tempting to get an ice cream or a cake or something at the conbini. And I tell myself no. I don't need it. And I buy an apple instead. I allow myself some sometimes. For example when Aki brings omiyage from his mom or something. And I will DEFINITELY be eating Christmas Cake. I next want to cut out potato salad and heavy food. The most difficult part of this is that I absolutely LOVE anything salty and fatty. WHY!?!?! It is pure torture sometimes to turn down that delicious looking ピザまん.

I chopped off a lot of my hair today. I decided if I am going to try to better myself, a new look might help me out. I think I cut off about 7 or 8 cm. It was pretty long. Now it is about shoulder length and I love it. Speaking of "cm" it's weird. I find myself using more and more metric units on my own than Imperial. I almost never say inches or feet, pounds or Fahrenheit. I guess it is a combination of being in Japan and also have more non-American friends haha. The Imperial system is so cumbersome...

Well, I apologize to those who sat and read all that. I would call this a bit of a personal rant. My life itself is actually really good. I am financially stable, have an awesome apartment, an awesome boyfriend, and great friends. My family are supportive. Oh! I am an aunt now. My sister had a baby girl. She is really cute for a newborn in my opinion. I think I just went through a weird month. Not sure why. I'm sure most young adults go through weird funks once they've been working and in the real world truly on their own for the first time.

My next post, I think I will talk a bit about the awesome wedding after party I went to. And I may also talk about some make up, or something.

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