Monday, August 19, 2013

Travelling Home and Back

Well, sorry for my long absence! I was visiting home and am finally back in Yokohama. It was a very busy trip. The first few days were mainly taking care of a few things and then Aki arrived. He was able to come to Texas for a week, and we were out almost every day of the trip. We were meeting up with a few friends, playing tourist, and eating so much food I could die! I swear I gained 5 kilos while I was home. I guess that is typical when visiting home. Since you don't live there anymore, you feel like you have to eat all of your favorite foods while you have the chance since you don't know when you will get to eat them next. Oh well, I have started a pretty rigorous Pilates workout plan so the weight should start coming off again. Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures. It never occurs to me to take pictures at home, since it is something I am so familiar with. That aside, it was great to go home, but I'm glad to be back in Japan.

Something I got to experience for the first time was going through Japanese immigration as a returning resident. When I was on a student visa in high school, I never traveled outside of the country while I was in Kyushu, so I simply just turned in my Gaijin Card when I went home. Getting off the plane I was expecting to have to wait the usual 30 minutes or so to get through immigration. What a mistake! I got to go to the super short line for "Residents with Special Re-Entry Permits" (as they called it). It literally took five minutes and there were only three people in front of me. I pitied the super long line of tourists the next section over.  After a super long flight, nothing sucks more than the "I'm free!!" thoughts and then get stuck having to wait more. The experience wasn't really any different though. Just show the re-entry permit card, Gaijin Card (I'm still in the old system), and passport, get some fingerprints and a picture taken and that's it. No questioning was really nice. I was out of the airport within 30 minutes but then I had the nearly two hour Narita Express ride home. Narita is really freaking far from everything honestly...

That's all I really have to say in this post. I plan to write up some more product-review type posts soon though!

Until next time.


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