Saturday, August 31, 2013

SANA - Pore Putty BB Cream

毛穴パテ職人 BBクリーム (Pore Putty BB Cream)
Last winter, I started experimenting with BB Creams. Japanese winters really dry my skin out, and makes it look just dead (in my opinion). I knew about BB Creams, but never really bothered with them. I just knew I wanted my skin to look better, and using moisturizer wasn't doing enough. I have a mixed skin type with an oily T-zone and pretty dry everywhere else, but winter just kills it. BB Creams kept coming up as did collagen. I actually will drink collagen drinks sometimes (there is one by Shiseido that tastes awesome!!), but they can get pricey really fast. So I finally looked into BB Creams seriously.

This is the second brand that I have tried, and I like it overall. You can visit the website here. The first one was sold by my local COOP store and I really didn't like it... Anyway, I have been using this one for about two months now and even with the summer heat it helps. It has SPF 50, and gives pretty decent coverage as far as concealing goes. If I'm having an especially bad red spot, I sometimes put concealer on first, but I usually don't need to (I tend to have a breakout here and there. Texas food KILLED my chin). At first, I didn't like this BB Cream. I thought it felt extremely heavy, but as I did more research into these creams, I realized I was applying too much. I was putting it on like a regular foundation. YOU DON'T NEED THAT MUCH. So now, I squeeze out about a pea-sized amount onto the top of my hand, and using my fingertips, apply a spot to my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Just five. Then I rub it in using circular motions and it really is enough. A little goes a really long way. If I need a bit more coverage on a red spot, I'll apply a little extra there. Then I set it with a translucent powder to give a less shiny look. Anyway, it now feels like it isn't there really. The only thing I really wish was that it was more waterproof. I guess with summer time it's an unavoidable thing, but with all the sweating, I feel like it comes off really easy. Granted I'm wiping my sweat off all day (gross right?) with a handkerchief so I can see the makeup on that by the end of the day. By the end of the day, my face coverage still looks pretty good, but if I'm having a breakout, you can tell more.

I'm still interested in trying different BB Creams until I find one that I love. So I will probably keep shopping around. I would definitely use this one again though, and am in no hurry to finish the tube. It's not too pricey and I don't remember the exact price, but the SANA online shop has it for ¥1260, which sounds about like what I paid for at Matsumoto-Kiyoshi.

I'm thinking my next post will be a review on an izakaya I like. I'm going there tonight. ^_^ Aki said I should write about some of my favorite restaurants etc. in the Yokohama/Tokyo area and I thought that was an awesome idea. So until next time!!


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