Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Obon 2013: Going Home for a Visit

In two weeks, I will be visiting Texas, namely the San Antonio region (The Riverwalk is pictured above)!!! I am super excited, as this is my first trip home since my move last year. I am going to be home for two weeks, and it will be interesting for me to be back in a place where I understand everything, can use a debit card without flinching, and eat all the greasy, fatty, unhealthy food that I have been craving. I'll of course also get to see my family and friends. 

The last time I came home from an extended stay in Japan, however, I had a few surprising incidences of reverse-culture shock. It wasn't serious stuff, just little things, for example: fast food restaurants are so spacious, the cars are massive, people talk on the phones when driving, etc. I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the onslaught of loud people, mediocre customer service (granted there are instances where it is great!), and 80 mph speed limits. I think I have been in a car at total of five times since I have been here, and the thought of just 50 mph freaks me out. And tipping! Servers in Japan get paid a decent wage, and there is no tipping as many may know. Servers in the States get paid about $2.13 an hour plus tips (after taxes your paycheck is $0.00 so your tips are you wages). As a former server myself, I feel guilty not tipping, but I hate the hassle of calculating it/remembering to do it.

Well, here's to my trip home! I have margaritas waiting for me (don't worry, I have more stuff to write about later this week/next).


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