Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ma Cherie Perfect Shower "さらさら” by Shiseido

パーフェクトシャワー (Perfect Shower) さらさら (sara-sara)**

Humidity can be a b****, especially on hair. Especially in Japan. I have the kind of hair that when brushed looks perfect, but within five minutes it looks like it wasn't brushed all over again. This happens even when humidity levels are pretty low actually. I was browsing my local Matsumoto Kiyoshi and trying to decide on something to try out. "さらさら" implies that the product's intended results are for a silky, smooth effect. I wanted something I could spray, that wouldn't act like a leave-in conditioner. Perfect Shower I found is intended as a bed-head fix. Spray hair until damp, blow-dry, and finish. I decided to try out one by Shiseido. I use the Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo line, and have been mostly satisfied with it. This particular bottle cost me ¥595.

I have had pretty good results. You really should use it mainly in the morning, but I have also been using it after showering. In the evenings, I wait until my hair is more damp than wet, and then spray enough to coat most of my hair. I brush it through and then air-dry or blow-dry as it pleases me. The product has a very nice scent that fades away after a few minutes. In the mornings, I again spray it and then do a quick blow-dry on the "set" setting of my dryer. The product definitely smooths out my hair. It feels very silky and smooth to the touch. I am extremely satisfied with that. I still have fly-aways, but I think this is more due to the fact that I haven't been using a hairspray to set it. I think with hairspray my problems would mostly disappear. I just don't feel like wasting hairspray for work since all I do is pull my hair back in a ponytail. It will be interesting to see what the product does to my hair once summer is over and the humidity levels drop.


**This product also comes in a ウェーブ and しっとり type. The ウェーブ (wave) type, from my understanding (don't quote me on this) is to set a wavy hair style and the しっとり(shittori) type is to give your hair moisture/semi-wet look (again, don't quote me). Please don't hesitate to try the other two types. They are applied the same way. ^_^

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