Thursday, July 18, 2013

Biore Skin Care Face Wash:

Biore Skin Care Face Wash (senganryou)

This, by far, is my favorite face wash, and I have used a lot of different brands in my past: cheap, expensive, and more expensive. Luckily, this one is on the cheap end (Matsumoto Kiyoshi sells it for appx. ¥448)! I started using this Biore product not long after my move to Japan. I chose it randomly in my local convenience store, because I needed something urgently. This particular line of face wash comes in four types: Blue for moisture, Orange for extra (rich) moisture,  Green for acne treatment, and Pink for exfoliation (convenient stores usually only have the Blue one in a smaller travel size). The first time I used this product, I was using the Blue one. It was winter time, and my face was super dry. I was able to read the label that said 「モイスチャー」(moisture), and decided to give it a go.   I used the Blue line for well over a year, and even got my mom liking it when she visited. She has even requested I bring her a tube when I go home for my visit. I decided to switch to the Pink exfoliating type recently, due to summer killing my pores and causing a lot of buildup due to the humidity, sweating, etc.

In terms of usage, you are supposed to foam up the wash, which can be done using your hands or by using a net (nets give you nice fluffy foam), and then apply to face like a normal face wash. The Biore website actually shows you how to do that too. There is even a Youtube video on how. I usually just use my hands, but I have super foamed it up a few times and it gives you a super clean feel. The Blue type and Pink types actually feel almost the same (minus the scrubs in the Pink), honestly. I like the Pink type better because I think it makes my pores look super squeaky clean. Both are very gentle, and have no noticeable scent. They also are great for removing make-up. I don't even own a make-up remover any more (I don't use waterproof make-up though. It will not take off waterproof mascara. I have tried).

All in all, I don't plan on changing my face wash any time soon. I love it! I might try out the Orange type in the winter this year and see if it helps with the dry skin more than the Blue one does. One tube lasts me quite a while, as I use about a ¥10 size amount for each wash (don't have American coins to compare with...). A little really does go a long way with this stuff. I would definitely recommend it.


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