Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring: Japan vs. Texas

I don't really have an interesting topic to discuss today. ALT work is pretty much a repetitive thing. It's not quite as repetitive as AEON was, because I do get to choose which activities I do in class and make the lesson plan, and the teachers so far have me teaching the entire 50 minutes.

I just thought I would voice my opinion about the weather compared to Texas this time of year. It's been on my mind these past few weeks. Even though I am in the beginnings of my second year here, the weather still surprises me. In central Texas, we basically have two seasons: Winter and Summer. There really isn't much of an in-between period. The weather just fluctuates hot and cold until it finally flips the switch. For example, two weeks ago it was in the 30C range and then a week later the temperature dropped down to like 10C in less than 24 hours. The fluctuations are usually pretty extreme until the cold fronts finally die out. Whereas here, the weather is just barely getting over the 20C mark. I'm still waking up to a pretty cold apartment and wearing sweaters out and about. This morning it was like 10C outside and I was pretty cold. It wasn't cold enough to bring out the coat, but a sweater wasn't enough either. It's times like these that I feel my wardrobe is completely ill-suited for spring. At home, the weather doesn't steadily stay at an in-between range long enough to warrant stocking in proper spring sweaters etc. I always feel like my clothes are either too heavy or too light. -sigh- Basically, I need to go shopping and update my closet. If money grew on trees...

Either way, I absolutely love having this actual spring weather. I don't need my AC, so my electric bill is super cheap, and I can walk outside most days without breaking a sweat. However, my Texas brain still keeps telling me, 'Why is it cold? It's May! I should be swimming at the beach by now!' I HATE summer, to be honest. I hate the heat and the humidity and the sweating, but I guess growing up with a wretched 40C every day summer kind of gets ingrained into your mind, and when the seasons don't change the way you feel they should, it surprises you.

I guess that's all I have to say today. Weather, I know right? Lame.



  1. Just came across your blog whilst preparing to leave for Japan as a JET ALT! Thank you for the post about buying contacts in Japan, very useful. Also, can totally relate to the Texas weather thing after spending 5 years in Austin!


    1. thank you so much for reading first! i love austin by the way! 6th street?? haha. anyway, i know how nervous i felt about going to do things like buying contacts, etc. for the first time with the language barrier here... JET? whereabouts will you be located?

    2. Hi sorry it took so long to reply, the past month has been a whirlwind! I leave July 27 for Awaji Island, in Hyogo. I'll be working near the city of Sumoto. Any chance we are near each other? YES I will be hitting 6th street before I leave haha!

    3. Awaji Island?? Wow! That's super inaka haha. I'm much more north in Yokohama. From Osaka that is a little over two hours by shinkansen I think. Just be prepared for the humidity. It's about to get bad. It's such a different kind of heat from central Texas. Have a safe trip!