Monday, March 18, 2013

Hikawa Maru, Odaiba, and Magazines

I have been using my free time to go visit around some more local stuff. Aki and I both are dorks and like to visit museums and parks haha. I am sort of a history buff, and when I can go see historical artifacts, etc., I take the chance. Recently, we visited the former cruise-liner, Hikawa Maru.
This was a cruise ship that sailed along a Seattle route back in the 30s and again in the 50s after the war. We had decided to go to Yamashita Park that day since we hadn't really walked around it yet and that weekend they were doing a lot of 3/11 fundraising and commemorative things. A group of I think junior high school students had traveled down from the disaster zone and were singing and speaking about experiences and so on in front of the ship. We were sitting there listening and noticed that we could actually go onto the ship for a wonderful cheap price of ¥200. I'm not sure, but I think the day's proceeds were going to disaster relief as well. So we decided to go take a peek. It was really quite interesting. They had a video running with information on the origins of the ship (the run we saw had English subtitles. Yay!), and windows in some of the rooms so we could see them. The pictures below are of the first class nursery and dining room, as well as the engine room.

I really enjoyed the visit, and would recommend it to people who like this sort of thing.

Yesterday, I also went to Odaiba for the first time, and had a great time. We went to Miraikan, which is a museum of science and technology. It mostly is targeted towards junior high/high school students, and costs ¥600 for entry to the permanent exhibits. 

 These robots we freaky!! You speak into a microphone, and then the one robot says what you said, and the other three react.

After the museum, we went to Palette Town. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear Palette Town is Pokemon haha. But it has no relation to it (in the Japanese version of the game, it's not even call Palette Town). It's basically an amusement park/mall/car gallery. The picture above is inside the shopping mall. It was really quite beautiful. I also got a great shot of the Rainbow Bridge below (it may be a little fuzzy...):
Overall, a great place and we didn't even see half of the place.

Moving on, I'm thinking of compiling pictures and things I write or that others write (with their permission of course), into a kind of downloadable .pdf magazine. I really want to get back into doing design work, and no freelance work has come my way. So I thought I might as well take it upon myself to do something. The magazine would be free to download, but available in print for a small fee (idealistically). It's actually been a dream of mine to get involved in editorial design since way back when, and this would be a good way to start. I wouldn't be making much money, if any at all, from it, but it would add to my portfolio. My focus would be Japan/ex-pat related, but I'm trying to figure out which areas I should focus on. If you have any ideas, please feel free to input! And that's it for today.


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