Thursday, March 7, 2013

Black Charcoal Face Products

So today, I thought I would discuss a new kind of face product I have tried. So if you're not into talking about pores and faces, then feel free to pass up this entry.

The two products above contain black charcoal. If you want more info on the stuff, Google is your friend. Nonetheless, it's not the stuff you cook with. This past winter has really done a number on my skin. My face is either too dry one day or too oily the next, and the dry weather has made my pores look like freaking craters in certain kinds of lighting (fluorescent *cough* *cough*). In an attempt to try and make my pores less obvious, and also because I haven't had a facial since I came to Japan, I turned to the internet to help me find some at home products I could use.

After browsing the net, I first came across the product pictured on the right. It is a face mask that you can buy at The Daiso (basically an all purpose ¥100 shop) for the super low price of ¥105 tax included. I read mixed reviews while looking on the net, but most of them said the stuff works. Hell, it's basically a dollar, so I figured if it sucks, no big waste. In an attempt to mix exercise in with my day, I decided to bike up to Totsuka from my house to go find the stuff at Daiso. However, I took a wrong turn on my way and ended up going a lot farther than I needed to in the wrong direction before I ended up where I wanted to be. As I was going back to where I needed to be, I came across my favorite Japanese drug store, HAC Drug. I was tired and hot (the past few days have been quite warm), so I decided to stop in and browse around. That's where I came across the black tube. It is a black charcoal based face wash/make up remover. I purchased it for no more than ¥700 (lost the receipt and forgot the exact amount, sorry). I decided to just go ahead and go home since I had been biking around for 30 minutes with hills and try the stuff out (I went to Daiso today and bought the mask, and took the train instead).

The face wash is a very dark grey and has a gritty feel to it. I used it like I do any face wash, and the first thing I noticed after washing it off, was that my skin felt tighter. Woo hoo!! Anyway, after showering, I rinsed my face with cold water and took a look in the mirror. I have to say my pores definitely looked cleaner.

Today, I also used the wash again, and my skin looks even cleaner. I am actually quite surprised by such good results in two days. Yes, two days. In addition, I tried the mask out today. I learned two things from using it: it's very effective, and I will follow the instructions to the 'T' next time. The directions said to apply it only to the nose area (yes, I know the girl in the picture has it caked all over her face), but I ignored it and put the stuff on my entire face. I let the stuff dry and then went to remove it. Basically, the areas other than my nose and forehead hurt like a b****. The stuff grips your skin real good, so the delicate areas of your face, such as cheeks, you have to kind of force the stuff off. I ended up washing it off of my cheeks with warm water instead, after peeling it from the nose and forehead area, to avoid the pain. Nose and forehead were fine, no problems there. Just DON'T PUT IT ON THE REST OF YOUR FACE. But the stuff definitely does its job. So, yes, I will use it again, maybe in two weeks, but I will only put it on my nose.

As for the face wash, I might switch to every other day after a week since the grit seems to work like an exfoliant (sp??). Either way, both products are worth it. This is the quickest I have ever seen results from any kind of store bought product. So, yay!!


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