Monday, January 28, 2013

New Years and Other Things

Hello everyone! Long time no see. I apologize but I have been extremely busy with some stuff. I wanted to talk about my first New Years in Japan. This is actually my third stint in Japan, but the first time I've been around in January. My mom came to visit me during the holiday which was awesome! I had about 10 days of total holiday (I had to go in on a Saturday though...) to spend with her. I made the long trek to Narita Airport to go pick her up. There of course is the Narita Express (NEX), which from Yokohama will get you to the airport in about an hour give or take. However it is quite pricey and will run you about ¥4000 one-way. So I decided to go the long but cheap way. From Yokohama Station, it is ¥1890 to get to Narita Airport via JR. I started by taking the Tokaido Line to Tokyo Station and then transferred there to the Sobu Line. If I had been flying I definitely would have taken NEX, but I had no luggage and time to kill anyway. The total time is close to two hours from Yokohama however. Anyway, while my mom was here, we did some sightseeing around Tokyo and Yokohama. I finally went to Tokyo Tower and went to the top. The day was a little smoggy so there wasn't the best view of Mr. Fuji, but the city view was spectacular. We stayed at Park Hotel Tokyo for a few days and it was an awesome hotel. New Year's Eve they had a special countdown event in the lobby which was nice. New Year's Day, we went to Aki's house. We started at Asakusa Station and went to Sensouji and got o-mikuji. Basically your fortune for the year.  The line to go to the actual temple to pray was insane, but o-mikuji only took a few minutes to get. Then we went to another temple (I can't remember the name), where we got some special New Year's sake. Finally, we went to his house. Unfortunately, I got a fever while we were there and was feeling pretty sick and had zero appetite. I was really pissed off. I wanted to eat so much o-sechi, but my stomach was just saying no. I managed to eat a little bit but I felt really crappy. So hopefully next year I don't get sick (although I might go home for the holidays instead).

After New Years, my mom and I went to my house for the rest of her stay and toured around Yokohama. We went up to the old foreigner's district in Yokohama. To get there, just take the Tokyu Toyoko line to Motomachi/Chukagai or JR to Ishikawacho Station. It was really neat and there is a great view of Mt. Fuji from the top of the area. Overall, I had a nice holiday.

I'm thinking of taking up the hobby of making iPhone cases and selling them on etsy. It's something I've been interested in for a while and am wanting to seriously pursue. I've been feeling artistically deprived recently haha. So if I start doing that I may post pictures haha. Sorry this post is a bit brief, but I wanted to put something up.


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  1. I can't believe how expensive it is for you >__< Well at least you had a good time with your mum in Tokyo :)

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