Thursday, January 31, 2013

Digital Painting

Recently, I downloaded the trial for Photoshop CS6. I am LOVING it. I decided to bring out the good old Wacom tablet (Model CTE-440, and is like six years old), and get back into experimenting with digital painting. I'm enjoying it and am currently working on portraits. My goal is to greatly improve my skin blending skills and make them more realistic. I have always sucked at doing portraits and it was my ultimate fail in Painting 101 back in college. So, here is what I have  :D

This is what it roughly looked like when I started. Just some basic shade and lines to get a feel for what I am doing.

And the finished product. It took about five hours.

This is my current project. I've done a total of four hours so far. I'm hoping to finish it in a few days.

See you!



  1. Hi ... Glad to visit your blog .... NICE PHOTO .... do not forget to visit back yeaa .... (• ⌣ •)

    1. thanks for the comment! i went and visited your blog nice :D