Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn and Ueno Zoo

So, I don't have any particular subject to discuss today, so I thought I would talk about the arrival of autumn and my trip to Ueno Zoo last weekend. If I haven't said it before, I'll say it: I HATE SUMMER. Many people I meet in Japan seem to automatically assume that since I'm from Texas, I love hot weather. So NOT true. I do enjoy being able to go to the beach, and at home I love floating the river, but those are the only things I really like about summer. Summer brings bugs, humidity (yes, in Texas too), excruciating heat, and sweat. I hate sweating, and unfortunately, I tend to sweat quite a bit. I did pretty well this summer, walking around with an umbrella and keeping my hair up, etc., but I am so happy that Fall has finally arrived. I haven't needed my A/C for about two weeks now and I'm loving it, and the humidity has finally decreased. Some other perks of autumn, are the clothes. I am a particular fan of Fall/Winter fashion, the layers, etc. Autumn in Yokohama has also been quite beautiful. The leaves actually turn in Japan, compared with Texas. At home it is simply: hot, hot, hot, maybe some green leaves, and then cold, with dead ugly leaves. I might try to get some shots of the trees in my park and post them up at a later date. I have simply been lazy about taking my camera with me places.

Last Sunday, I went to Ueno Zoo with Aki. It was really nice, and only ¥600. I was surprised how cheap it was. The first thing we went to see, of course, were the pandas. It's kind of hard to avoid them, because they are to the right and up a bit immediately after entering the zoo (from the main entrance). So Aki and I left our bags in a coin locker and took a peak. We also saw some gorillas, lions, tigers, bears, and giraffes. I also wanted to see the elephants, but by the time we had circled all the way around, it was closing time and we just missed them. I went to the Dallas zoo back in February, but it was freaking cold and all the cool animals were hiding, so I was super excited about getting to see all the animals. In addition, the ice cream at Ueno Zoo is quite tasty. The weather wasn't too hot or too cold and it has just cleared up from a rainy morning when we arrived. So I had a very pleasant trip there. Afterwards, we headed out to Shimo-kitazawa to meet up with some college buddies. We went to this burger joint called Village Vanguard. There is actually a kind of novelty goods store called by the same name at department stores in the Kanto area, but I didn't realize that they had a restaurant too. I ended up eating this queso, salsa, bacon monstrosity of a burger that was quite delicious. The waiter kept asking me if I knew how to eat a hamburger, and I was just thinking: I'm American, of course I do! It was tasty either way. After that, we went to a hookah place and had a good time playing cards etc. It made me feel a little old! Haha, because just two years ago, any kind of card game had to be combined into a drinking game, but no, we were just talking, chilling, and playing plain old Uno.


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