Friday, September 7, 2012

Rurouni Kenshin, Tokyo Cruises, and The Dark Knight Rises

So, I saw the new Rurouni Kenshin movie, and I have to say, it's AWESOME. I went with two of my coworkers on Monday to go watch it. I'll just say, as a fan of the manga, the movie did a very good job of the characters, action, and such. The cast, overall, I was very pleased with. Although, the actor for Hajime Saitou didn't seem quite tall enough. Something that I really liked about this movie was the realism. The characters were actually sweaty and dirty, like they would be in the summer. The cuts and blood looked like real wounds. Anyway, the action was spot on. All of the action was done by the actors and there was NO CG for the action scenes. They did use wires to help make the characters move at the insane speeds like in the manga, but no CG made it so real (they did use CG for blood splatter etc.). I think that they did a good job of changing some things here and there to make it a stand alone movie, but still be the Rurouni Kenshin fans know. I just wish my Japanese was better!! Grrr... I understood maybe 50% of the Japanese. So, I'll be on the look out for some English subs once it's on DVD. I definitely will be buying this one.

On Sunday, Aki and I hung out in Tokyo. We started in Asakusa, and made our way to Ginza throughout the day. After walking around the Sumidagawa area, we decided to go on the Tokyo Cruise to Hamarikyu. It was a fun 35 minute ride and we ended up at Hamarikyu where there is what Aki described as the Central Park of Tokyo. It was a really neat place with lots of green everywhere. I highly recommend the cruise. You can take longer ones around Tokyo and such. We chose Hamarikyu because our final destination was Ginza to see the Dark Knight Rises that evening. When we got to Ginza, we bought our movie tickets and went to the Sony building. It was really neat because it's free to play with all their current gadgets. There is also a duty free overseas floor that sells cameras and things for people from other countries. Then I bought shoes at Gap. Hahaha.

The Dark Knight Rises was an awesome movie but... 3 hours!!! I don't like sitting in a chair for 3 hours straight. Haha. That or I'm just getting old... So last weekend was definitely a movie weekend.

I did take pictures, but I haven't put them on the computer yet, so I'll add a few in a later post.


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