Monday, August 6, 2012

BBQ, Summer Vacation, and Wacom Tablets

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I have updated. My apologies!! I have been surviving summer in Yokohama and working. All in all, summer here rates about the same as Texas. Maybe a little lower. While it is definitely humid here, nothing seems to top the extreme heat of 100+ degree summers in Texas. The humidity doesn't bother me much, except for when it rains. One perk about living in a place with four season (five if you count rainy season), means that summer is MUCH shorter. Summers in Texas feel like four months of living hell. Here it's more like two. One thing that summer makes me crave, is BBQ. Yesterday, I discovered an awesome American style BBQ joint in Yokohama called Bashamichi Taproom. It is actually a chain, owned by Baird Brewing Company. There are several locations in Tokyo as well. The Yokohama location is about a ten minute walk from the JR Sakuragicho Station. I think it might have been faster from the JR Kannai station, but that's how we went.

The food there is legit. Served on trays with brown paper towels. The place advertises to go there earlier so you don't miss out on the meat. They only serve fresh cooked BBQ which takes hours so once they are out for the day, that's it. Unfortunately, Aki and I missed out on the sausage. The pork and brisket is awesome. We also got Texas beans (which tasted just like home!), and coleslaw. We wanted macaroni but they also ran out (I blame the group of about six Americans who ALL had a thing of macaroni each).  The beer is also quite tasty! I didn't test the staff's English, but from the looks of things, they were all bilingual. So it's good for those who don't speak any Japanese at all. It's not too pricey. For two 250ml draft beers, 100g of pork, 100g of brisket, coleslaw, BBQ pizza, Texas beans, and cornbread, it came out to just under ¥5000.

That aside, my summer vacation is starting on Thursday! I'm so excited. Seven days of no work. I like work, but I'm ready for a holiday. Plans are to go the beach, and maybe go to a waterpark. I hope to meet up with a training buddy as well. I was going to go to Nikko, but the places were booked so no luck there. I justify not going anywhere with my pricey Golden Week vacation to Kumamoto.

I finally got my Wacom Tablet from my parents (like a month ago haha). I love that thing. I haven't really done much with it yet, but I am working on a digital painting (very very slowly). It's definitely true that after six months of not going crazy designing projects and things, I have got the design itch back. I am just happy to have the desire back. School seriously burned me out. I have worked on some stuff, but it's pretty much all photomanipulation. I am revamping my portfolio these days too. Putting in more of the stuff I like, rather than the stuff my teachers told me to put in it for graduation. I'm going to start looking into English publishing companies in Japan. They are probably far and few between, but I know there is freelance work for English publications in Japan. I just have to find them. When I took Advanced Type I discovered I really like doing editorial design. So laying out publications would be something I would really enjoy.

I am very excited about Autumn coming soon. I think about three more weeks of the really hot days and it will finally go back to the weather we had in May/June of 25-27 degrees everyday and cool evenings. I'm looking forward to seeing leaves change colors and bringing out my sweaters and winter clothes again.

Well, that's all for this time. I'll update soon, I promise!!


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