Monday, May 21, 2012

スカイツリー・Sky Tree

So, today I adventured to Asakusa and got to see the 三社祭 (Sanja Matsuri). It is a festival held every year in Asakusa in May. It basically honors the three guys who founded Sensouji Temple. It was tons of fun walking around and seeing people carry the three different shrines around the area, but the main highlight of the entire night, was when we all got to Aki's house and had dinner. After we had all finished eating (it was me, Aki, and some college buddies), the Sky Tree lit up! There is a PERFECT view of the Sky Tree from his house.

The Sky Tree opens in two days, May 22. Apparently, it will be lit up every night in either purple or blue. I suppose they were testing the lights, because we got to see BOTH sets of led lights. Granted in two days, everyone in the area will get to see this daily, but I thought it was quite neat, and I got some cool pictures.

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