Friday, February 3, 2012

Packing for a Lady Gaijin

Packing. I HATE packing. I need to be done packing by tomorrow night before we head up to DFW for my flight out on Monday (we are staying the weekend in Ft. Worth), and the only things I have put in my suitcases are my suits, a pair of shoes, and my yukata. @.@ Both times I went to Japan, I packed, literally, the night before.

On that note, I mostly see check-lists for men moving to Japan, so I have compiled a little check-list of things that I will take.

I have two suitcases, and plan to check both. My carry-on will be a bag with my laptop, face stuff, important docs, etc. I will not take an additional carry-on because I know how much of a hassle it can be to carry a carry-on, a bag, and a suitcase on a train.

The training suitcase:

  • Four suits (all pant-suits since there will be kids training involved and it's winter).
  • Four work shirts (consisting of button down, and blouses).
  • One pair of pumps.
  • One pair of slippers (the training house should have some, but mine are warm).
  • Two or three outfits (for when I am not in a suit).
  • One pair of flats.
  • Pajamas (which consists of pants and T-shirt for me. No matching nonsense).
  • Heavy coat.
  • Stockings/Panty-hose.
  • Socks.
  • Undergarments.
  • Shampoo/Conditioner.
  • Any other bathroom stuff (such as face-wash, flat-iron, etc.).
  • A notebook and pens.

I really don't have a whole lot of stuff, which is why I am going to throw in my flat-iron. Girls have to look nice, and I have that annoying wavy-hair that doesn't look nice without some playing with it.

The suitcase that will be sent to the branch school:

  • All my other clothes (which really isn't a lot... lame, I know).
  • My snack stuff that will be my gifts.
  • All my other shoes (I am only gonna choose a few...).
  • Yukata (I plan to wear it to matsuri in the summer).
  • A few other personal things (sentimental whatevers etc.)
  • Extra supplies of deodorant, razors, etc.
For my carry-on:

  • Laptop
  • AEON related materials
  • Important documents.
  • Kindle
  • Camera
  • Eye mask
  • Make-up bag 
  • Glasses/Contacts

That about sums it up. I am not very materialistic, and don't have a lot of photo albums, and stuff like that. The material things that I own that are most important are my electronics (design major, remember?). Although, I MIGHT throw my PS2 in there if there is room. It's the small one, not the giant one, and very compact. But then again, I could also just have my parents send it to me later if I really wanted it.

I have a feeling that everything would actually fit in one suitcase. Which is good, cause I can just split it up and have half the weight. :D

This will probably be my last update until I get to Japan, so:




  1. Oh my! Your list remind me of my father "master list" when he was on his way attending the army RANGER course at Fort Benning,Georgia ! :)