Saturday, January 14, 2012

23 Days, Visa Trip, Quitting アルバイト, and Travel Stuff

So, I leave in four weeks for Japan. Yay! I was freaking out because I had lost a paper I needed, but I called my recruiters and they were super nice about it (THANK GOD it was just a simple paper). I was expecting to be reprimanded and told to be more responsible haha. Why did I expect that? Because I over analyze EVERYTHING. I tend to expect the worst when I mess up or do something wrong. Then I get all nervous and paranoid. And thus, results in my freaked out state. But as usual, I really didn't need to get all freaked out because it all worked out fine.

-Huge sigh of relief-

I will be heading to Houston next week to go turn in my visa application and get it stamped all pretty in my new passport. I am not sure if I need to bring my old passport with me, because I have two previous entry permits into Japan stamped in that one (a student visa and a visitor visa). So I will probably call the consulate in a little bit to double check that. My Certificate of Eligibility has 3 years marked on it. So I am secretly hoping that means my work visa will be a 3 year instead of a 1 year. Usually, the first work visa issued is a 1 year visa, and then after that if you need a renewal, they MIGHT give you a 3 year. I am not looking forward to the long drive to Houston (it's only 3 hours or so, it could be worse...), but I am going to stay with a third cousin and get to go to the museum in Houston with her (super excited about that). Then after two nights there, I will go to Galveston and stay with my Aunt and Uncle for a day or two, then make my way back to my town.

I put my one month notice in at my part-time job. When they hired me back in July, I had already told them that I planned on only working there till I was done with college, but it was still kind of surreal to do it. Plus, the Store Manager got moved to another store anyway, so I didn't feel as bad about it since she was gone. The replacement has only been there about a week or two.

I was emailed a pretty good departure check-list from my company. I am glad they did that. I probably won't really start packing and stuff until a week before (I told my boss my last day should be Feb 1. So that gives me about a week till I leave on the 6th). Why wait until that soon? Because, realistically, it shouldn't really take that long to pack up some clothes, shoes, and crap. The only thing I will probably go overboard on is shoes. My size is kind of borderline unfortunately. In Japan I wear a 25, but depending on the shoe, it may or may not be too small. Grrrrr. But at least clothes won't be a problem. I am short, and have bought many clothes over there before. I already ordered a six-month supply of contacts, and found a web-company based in Japan that can ship me my contacts when I need more. Other than that, I guess I will stock up on deodorant, pantyhose, and at least a month or two supply of face wash. I plan to actually devote a blog post to a packing process. Men have it much easier hahaha.

That's all for now guys!


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  1. Wow I didn't know you had lost it haha. That's dangerous.