Thursday, December 22, 2011

graduated, wisdom teeth, and waiting

Woohoo! So I am officially graduated and finished with college. I am very, very happy about that. No more crazy late nights trying to finish projects. Just because I am finished, and will be teaching English, though, doesn't mean I plan to stop practicing design. HTML-5 shall be the upcoming battle for me. I am thinking of going ahead and buying a domain here so I can do some serious customization with my blog/website.

That aside, I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. One phrase: FREAKING SUCKS. But, I went to get my teeth cleaned about two weeks ago and they did the panoramic x-ray, and the dentist said they had to go. All four of them. And the sooner the better. I agreed on the sooner part, mainly because I am leaving America in less that 60 days, and want to be healed when I leave. The crappy part is that Christmas is on Sunday, and I am worried I won't be able to eat all the goodies that come with Christmas. T_T So my face hurts. Luckily, the swelling isn't toooo terrible.

And now I am waiting for my COE to come in the mail. I think AEON probably won't send it to me until I send them an official transcript proving that I graduated. Which I totally understand. But I hate waiting. Haha. I guess I am just impatient now that it is so close!


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