Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WOW and printing

Sooooo, since I got my macbook (which I LOVE, don't get me wrong), I have not been able to play the MMO I was playing (perfect world) since my old computer is a dead duck. I have tried to find a decent one that's free (since I am poor and trying to make a move halfway around the world), and mac compatible. No such luck. Soooo I am downloading the World of Warcraft trial to test the waters a bit. I have heard it's THE MMO to play, but I just never wanted to pay for one. But I figure since I am about to be making a decent chunk of change monthly, I may as well try it to see if I like it.

Just a random tidbit of information from me to you. Haha.

That aside, I will be printing my portfolio book here in about two weeks. I'm going to do a test binding next week by printing it in black and white and seeing what it looks like. I am planning on perfect binding it, so that should not be super hard, but since I have only coil and wir-o bound things in the past, better safe than not. My show is in 23 days and I walk across that damn graduation stage a week after!! And I move in 82!!! @.@ Just counting down the days is pretty intense. I hope I survive the next three weeks. December ninth is the day I am most worried about. Once that is done, I just get to wait around for a week to sit through a boring ceremony. Then I guess I should start thinking seriously about packing. I know what to bring and what not to, but it is still a big move.



  1. Always wishing you the best luck from a far east country!

  2. アッキーでしょね??ふふ