Friday, November 11, 2011

Plane tickets and Soranbushi

I bought my plane ticket! One way no less! It feels so much more real now. I am leaving February 6 bright and early on a non-stop flight to Tokyo NRT. Now I basically just have to keep saving, saving, saving. We'll see how well that goes what with the crazy costs of getting my portfolio together for graduation. @.@ Anywho, AEON employees will meet me at the airport and I am assuming a big group of us is coming in that day. Then about a week and a half in Saitama for training. :)

Tomorrow we will be performing Soranbushi at UT's Fall Fest! We have been working so hard! My patowan learners have been doing well!! Them maybe hit up some sixth street afterwards to celebrate. I know I need a night to relax. I haven't really had one since the semester started.

Anyway, not the longest post ever, but figured I would update.

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