Thursday, December 1, 2011

graduating, Facebook, and american airlines

I am finally graduating in a little over two weeks. YAY! I just have to survive to the 9th, when my final art portfolio review occurs. Graduation itself is the 16th. Anyway, I have been busting a$$ trying to get everything together for that.

I have noticed recently a huge increase of the amount of Japanese people on Facebook. Why have I noticed this? Because my friends from Kumamoto who before were only on mixi, are suddenly on Facebook. Haha. I get a new friend request like every two or three days from the Kumamoto-gumi. It's so funny. Funny because it is just now that Facebook is getting popular in Japan, where as Facebook got popular my senior year of high school (I was late to join the bandwagon until my college days). I guess it's probably because of the increase of smart phone usage? I don't know. I just know that the times I was living in Japan before, people over there were not usually on the computer very much. It was more they were on their phones. I head back over the Pacific in a little over two months.

I swear, if the American Airlines bankruptcy stuff messes with my plane ticket I will be upset. I booked it through Japan Airlines though so I think it should be okay. I'm flying out of DFW which is the heart of AA but still. I am just a little paranoid. Or maybe I just over-analyze stuff. I tend to do that...

Oh well, back to the land of photoshop and indesign.

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