Saturday, November 19, 2011

Aso Farm Land

So, there is a possibility of going to Aso Farm Land for Golden Week if my parents do not make it to Japan during that time. And Kumamoto in general. Why on earth would I want to go to Kumamoto? Because I lived there for six months when I was in high school. And Aso Farm Land is a place where I got to go. It is this really cool resort type theme park deal at the top of Mt. Aso (the world's largest caldera). I unfortunately did not have a digital camera, and my memories of the place are very brief (I am talking about the year 2005). But I just remember it as a place that fascinated me and that I wanted to go back to.

Click here to see the site.

And I did not get to spend the night there when I went. They have these cool dome shaped rooms. So I want to make it an overnight deal. In addition, I want to go to Kumamoto-shi to see some of my high school friends and probably my host family as well. These are the people who introduced me to Japanese living, and I have wanted to see them again.

Anyway, Aso Farm Land is awesome. That is my random tidbit for today.


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