Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Printmaking, Contracts, and Craziness

So, I really like screen-printing. Hell, I even enjoy wood block relief printing (even though I always end up poking my hands with the stupid carver). So, I am really hoping to find a place I can do these things at. I know that one can screen-print in their own home, but I'm pretty sure my apartment will be too tiny to do it.

I did find an interesting art supply store that is located in Yokohama. Yay! I have no clue about Japanese ink brands, but I'm sure I can find good ones. Screen-printing kind of originated with silk-screen in Japan anyway. I have a fun little project to amuse myself with once I make the move, in my free time. Although, it will probably have to wait until I'm all settled in (so I figure rainy season at the latest, although humidity is not exactly the best for the paper...).

I will officially be signing my contract with AEON on Wednesday! I'm super excited. But I won't be able to post any details about the company according to the contract. So don't expect many AEON specific posts in the future. I don't want to breach my contract (I plan on trying to pursue freelance design work after a year or two there). Most of the AEON posts will probably talk about "YAY!! I'm on my way!" or "I finally made it back to Japan!" or "Ooooh AEON Halloween party! My favorite holiday!" You get the idea.

School has been driving me insane. I have four current portfolio projects, in addition to my other three classes. So that gives me a grand total of SEVEN advanced level course projects all at the same time. @.@ YIKES! I banged my head up today and ended up just going home and had a fun little ice pack sitting on my forehead all day. It was a good excuse to go home, but I don't want to get behind on my school work. I'll will do all my homework tomorrow before work I hope. Fingers crossed. In addition to classes, I am teaching Soranbushi and attempt to fit in working out. I have to get rid of this extra poundage haha. I'm not fat... but I'm not in shape either. Once I loose 15 lbs I'll be my high school weight and won't have to worry about fitting into Japanese clothing. :-) Yay!


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