Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Logos, Luggage, and Visas

Yikes, so I have to have a few corporate identity logos in my portfolio. My least favorite thing to do in terms of design is branding identity. :( Anyway, I am rebranding abbott pharmaceuticals and rakuten. These are still works in progress but I am trying to enjoy it.

That aside, I got some luggage! My soft luggage has been on the old side for some time now (since I have had it since my first venture to Japan over 6 years ago. It's some hard case luggage. Big grin on my face. I like hard case luggage because it is MUCH easier to roll around the airport.

Paperwork is signed and submitted to immigration for my COE to Japan at last. I have signed contracts and all that stuff so now I get to play the waiting game. I just want this semester to be over. It's not even just the fact that I am moving back to Japan. The work load is intense. My laptop crashed last week so I am computer-less at the moment.

I have to start doing some shopping for business suits. The idea I have going is to buy one every few weeks so I'm not stuck on a day-long shopping spree (even though I am a girl and love fashion, I can't stand shopping for more than two or three hours). And I guess I need to get another pair of pumps.

Hopefully I'll have some more interesting Japan related stuff in the next post. Until next time,


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