Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well everyone, I'm going to be moving to Yokohama in February! AEON called me and told me that the paperwork I had given them was good enough for the head office, and they had found me a school! The recruiter explained a lot of stuff to me about the school, location, and other things like that. I was very excited! She told me to think about it over the weekend, but I am already planning on taking the offer. It is about an hour away from Tokyo's center. Being close to Tokyo was really my only big requirement, due to the fact that many of my friends are there.

So yay!





  2. Gosh how lucky! I really want to go there one day! I'll be interested to see what you do in the future. :))

  3. Thank you very much! I don't have any plans for this blog to die haha.