Saturday, September 10, 2011

Prepping for the AEON interview

Since I could not find any really recent information regarding the AEON interview process, I thought I would share my experience with it so far. First things first, I submitted my application back in July, and it took exactly two weeks to the day for them to contact me with an invitation to the interview. I had started freaking out because I hadn't heard anything from them, but I think I was just over analyzing the situation (which I tend to do).

In order to prepare for my interview, I had to create the standard 30-minute lesson plan for beginner level speakers, and then be prepared to present 5-minutes of said lesson to my "students" (i.e. other interviewees).

I scoured gaijinpot, Dave's ESL Cafe, and all the other usual places trying to find advice. I also asked a couple of my buddies that currently work for AEON for advice as well. Turns out my lesson plan ended up being completely different from what I originally intended it to be. Haha. My plan is a lesson called, "Let's Eat at McDonald's!"

In addition to my lesson plan, I asked my friend Rachel for guidance for attire. It was very, very frustrating to find most of the posts for interview tips geared towards men. Do women not apply for these positions or do they just not post online?? Anyway, Rachel advised a non-black suit (yay!). So I bought a brown-ish suit and will change my shirt for the two different days, as she did. I asked some of my Japanese girlfriends about a skirt- or pant-suit, and they said go with skirt all the way. So I bought my suit, and some black pumps, and plan on changing my hair the two different days. I plan to go easy on the make-up, maybe I'll post a picture with the results later (seeing as I am in the airport waiting for my flight, I chose to go w/ street clothes and no make-up until I get to the interview location).

So that is about all the preparation. I TYPED the application they sent me, printed two copies of everything, and got two recommendation letters from the two references I wrote down in the application. So, the informational meeting is supposed to start at 10, I land at 6:30 (gah! Two hour flight only to go back in time as if time didn't go by at all), so I will have plenty of time to kill.



  1. Hey there, I found your blog while doing a search for AEON interview advice (I was relived because most everything else was several years old!), and was wondering if you had any specific tips for coming up with the 5 minute lesson plan for the interview? I know they said keep it basic for beginners, but is there anything specific you could advise? Sorry to bother you, I only ask because like I said, mostly everything else I have found is quite dated, and since you interviewed and were accepted recently I thought you could provide some good tips.

    I appreciate any help! Thank you!

    1. Hi! The lesson plan... let's see. Have they only told you to prep for 5 minutes? When I interviewed, I had written a full 30 minute lesson plan, and then chose a 5 minute chunk to teach from that. Maybe focus on some kind of grammar point? And if you're nervous, don't let it show. Just be clear, speak slowly, and be genki! ^_^ And definitely take notes during any lecture parts, and then study it if you pass for the personal interview. If you have any other questions, just shoot me an email.


    2. Would it be possible to have your e-mail? Sorry, I can't find it listed anywhere on here! ^^; And yeah, we were also asked to prepare/turn in a 30 minute lesson plan and choose 5 minutes to present.

      Thank you!

    3. Got it, thank you! I have a few more specific questions so I'll e-mail you soon. Thanks again for the help!