Thursday, September 29, 2011

AEON update

So here's a little update: I received a call from AEON last night. Unfortunately, I didn't see it until after their office closed. So, I called them anyway and left a message that I would call them the next day after my classes got out.

After my 11a.m. class got out, I went and gave them a call. The recruiter was happy that I had called and left a message. He said that they ARE interested in hiring me! I'm super stoked. The only thing is that I have to be put on a waiting list until they can fill out the paperwork for my Certificate of Eligibility (COE). When I interviewed with them, I gave them an official document from the school stating my intended date of graduation. AEON told me that they will submit this to the head office and hopefully it will be proof enough for them to go ahead and start processing the COE. IF they do that, then AEON can find me a school and officially offer me a contract. If not, I have to wait until my graduation. Anyway, if they can process it, the recruiter told me I should shoot for a February ship off. If not, then March or April would be the projected time to go.

We discussed a little more about my location preferences. I emphasized I wanted a city, preferably Tokyo. But I did mention that I wouldn't mind going back to Nagoya since I thought it was nice.

So I should know by next week whether or not I will have to wait until December to start COE and visa stuff.

At least I got a "we want to hire you!" offer. The recruiter told me that they were very impressed with me. Woohoo!


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