Monday, September 12, 2011

AEON Interview Part II

Phew, I survived the personal interview. I can only hope that I did well. It started by me being greeted and asked into the hotel room. Both recruiters were there, and thanked me for being early. To begin, I gave them my recommendation letters and also the paper that states my intended graduation time. Then, the teaching began. As I had heard before on the forums, I was given ten minutes to prepare a lesson for one of the recruiters, following the AEON way of teaching. I was given paper, and then they left the room. I wrote out how I planned to teach, and then when the timer went off, they reentered the room. I then gave the lesson to the best of my ability, one of the recruiters being a student, and the other observing. After five minutes, they stopped me. Then the observing recruiter asked me for my comments, and told me what needed to be improved, then he taught the lesson to me. I was then asked to re-teach the lesson. I think that I did alright... but I just kept going with the smile on my face and being encouraging. Then, I was given a children's lesson and given a second to think, I began. This only had to be three minutes. Both of the recruiters were my students and it was hard but fun. I think I did alright.

The rest of the interview was Q&A and even more information. They showed me what a typical schedule would look like, and also asked things that had been discussed the day before (in other words, they were checking to see if you took notes and paid attention). Then at the end they asked me to prioritize some things, and then told me I would hear from them within three weeks, and that if I didn't, I needed to call them. The whole thing lasted an hour and a half give or take.

So all I can do now is wait and keep my fingers crossed that I did well. Now I am sitting in the airport. It smells funny. Haha. But my flight is still about two and a half hours away.



  1. Thank you for your Aeon posts. They have been a huge help to me. Going into the interviews blind really makes me nervous, but your info has helped me calm down a bit. :)

    1. No problem! Trust me, I know exactly how you felt. I was a nervous wreck and when I did the one-on-one I was sweating lol. I'm glad my posts were helpful!