Sunday, September 11, 2011

AEON Interview Part I

So I landed from my flight bright and early at 6:30, hopped on the shuttle to the interview location, and was lucky enough to get to check in early. Awesome. Minus the fact I ended up not getting extra sleep. There was a crying baby up in front of me on the flight. Boo. I went up to my room and prepared for the interview, i.e. getting dressed, fooling around with hair and make-up, and making sure I had everything.

I went downstairs to double check which room the interview meeting was being held in and was met by a group of about 10 other people waiting in the lobby. As we were about to head to the interview room, one of the recruiters greeted us and led us to the room. When we arrived there, we signed in and then made small talk with one another. Promptly at 10, the meeting began. The recruiters took turns presenting the powerpoint, showing us a video about life at Aeon, and then continued on explaining the AEON way and other things. They showed us an example lesson, one for children and one for adults.

After all the information was given to us, we were assigned groups and a time, and then broke for lunch. We all ended up going to a diner next door. Me and a few of us in Group 1 had to rush eat our food and run back to the hotel to begin the group interview portion. There were groups of seven, and the two recruiters. We all presented our lessons, and pretended to be students. It wasn't as nerve-wracking as I thought it was going to be. To be honest, I feel like my lesson plan was a bit too complex, but I spoke slowly, smiled a lot, and made the students interact together. After everyone had gone, the recruiters asked us to wait. About twenty minutes later, they thanked us for coming, told us some numbers about how many applicants they receive, and then handed us our envelopes.

And then, I headed back to my room, opened the envelope, and am proud to say I have an interview for tomorrow at 11:45. Now I'm changed, and plan to go to get some free cocktails at cocktail hour!



  1. Hi Rizu!

    Thank you for your posts: they are so informative and well-written.
    I have been wandering a lot about what it means to dress professionally in Japan, and I am so thankful for this picture. I also come from a design background, where you can dress up more *creatively* at the office. Can you tell me a bit more about what you wore when you worked at AEON?
    And also, would a dress with a light cardigan work for the interview? Something very simple - I spied a color-block shift at Uniqlo (top is tan, skirt black).

    Thank you for publishing your blog!


    1. M,

      Thanks for you comment!! For the interview, unfortunately, a full suit is a must. A dress and cardigan wouldn't cut it. This goes for any and all Japanese companies. I wore mainly suits the entire time I worked at AEON, but as a girl, I got away with less suit-like skirts and business blouses (not button downs I mean). But a jacket was required. Once I was at the office about two months or so, I just started to copy the Japanese female staff. You can push your *creativity* after you've been there awhile. It is case by case depending on your school.

      I hope this helps!!


    2. Hi Rizu!

      Yes! it helps. I have a few other questions that are more appropriately addressed in an email. I just really like your can-do attitude and I'd love to hear your experience on a few things.. is it possible to email you? I can't find the address on the blog...
      i'm on mrvktz[at]gmail

      Thank you!